Thanks to our Driver Provider:

5th annual FREE Ride to Prom Contest!

The contest is FREE, FUN and FAST! All you have to do is tap into your creative side and create a sign that shows you supporting the OWN UP movement and are against underage drinking! Snap a pic of your masterpiece sign with you and your friends, and you’re entered to win a FREE RIDE TO YOUR PROM WITH YOUR FRIENDS!


WAY 1: Requires a public Insta account:

1. Go to either INSTAGRAM or TWITTER and make sure you are following us.

2. Post a photo of you ‘pledging to OWN UP against underage drinking’ This is usually a hand made sign or something creative showing that you OWN UP!

2. Make sure to tag us with #ownupaz and you’re automatically entered to win!!!

3. IMPORTANT: We must be able to see you in order to choose you, so make sure to add us to your private account or make your account public for the duration of the contest, otherwise, you can use the form below to send us your entry!

WAY 2:Upload an image:

Use this form below to send as email with your photo to be entered into the contest!