New Contest

Congratulations to all of you!  You will all be receiving different increments of the following:

Restaurant Gift Cards
Starbucks Gift Cards
Retail Gift Cards
Harkins Gift Cards
Miscellaneous Own Up Merchandise

Thank you all again so very much for all you do to keep our Arizona youth motivated and connected, safe and reassured, aware and prepared for their future!

Take The Pledge Contest

Arizona Educators are challenging their students to Take The Pledge
Get as many of your students to Take The Pledge to say NO to underage drinking and say YES to being the positive change! Asking them to read the pledge card, and if they are ready to start today to make good choices, and find other things to do besides using alcohol or other substances, and if they are ready to Own Up to these choices….they should sign the Own Up Pledge Card!
By doing so, they are entering into an agreement with themselves that they know they are responsible for their decisions, and that they are ready to not only make good choices for themselves, but by doing so, set the standard and example for many others to follow. They are confident in who they are, and that they don’t want to participate in, nor promote, any activities that are unhealthy and harmful for themselves or others. They are starting the movement of today’s teens that are responsible and proud to Own Up!!

This contest will run from Monday, April 20 through Friday, April 24. We will be awarding the top 5 Educators with $$ gift cards and tons of Own Up swag!! The results of this contest will be posted on our website the week of April 27-May 1, 2020.

I will Own Up! I am the change!

I pledge to Own Up and show respect for myself by making decisions that invite positive change.  I will be creative and search out healthy alternatives and options during this challenging time.  I will not contribute to underage drinking!